VRN - April 2016

April 2016



Outlets’ Other Value Proposition

Outlet centers do more for their markets than provide a place to shop – wherever they open, they boost the local economy in a number of ways.


Outlet Perspectives

Midnight Madness and its cousin Moonlight Madness, are sharing Thanksgiving with many other retail venues, thus we ask, “Does the outlet industry need a fresh national campaign?

Outlet Outlook

Gap Inc. launches two outlet ecommerce platforms; two conferences offers solutions for energizing retail and making sense of trends; a look at Genesco’s earnings; Michael Kors CEO John Idol declares, “stores aren’t going away.”

Know Your Ethos

Outlet center design better fit the customer because many shoppers around the world believe that true bargains can’t be found in beautiful stores and opulent centers.

Consumer Snapshots

Research proves smartphones are today’s top sales drivers; phone searches lead to in-store purchases; no surprise here: Wal-Mart will be the top retailer in 2020; Yep, there are young and old millennials; you really do need loyalty programs to reach affluent shoppers; the nose knows what the heart wants.

VRN Spring Outlet Deal Making Recap

The 2016 VRN/ICSC Spring Outlet Deal Making in Orlando in February saw some unseasonably chilly weather in the Sunshine State, but business was as hot as ever.


News Up Front

DOC&R seeks nominations for the Outlet Hall of Fame; DICI of Ohio acquires Medford (Minn.) Outlet Center; Namdar Realty buys St. Louis Outlet Mall; Empire Outlets lands a $21.9 million subsidy; Simon talks earnings, spending and traffic; Tanger talks earnings, spending and apparel.