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March 2013


Another Banner Year?
2013 should see nine phase 1 outlet center openings for a total of 3.3 million sf. The openings account for 22 percent of the industry’s 41 planned phase 1 outlet projects in North America.


Planned Phase 1 Chart
Check out the 41 planned phase 1 projects, listed by state.

Phase 1 overview
With 41 planned phase 1 centers vying for outlet chains’ attention, VRN takes a closer look at 10 of the most talked about projects.

Canada’s outlet potential has caught the eye of developers from far and wide. There should be no doubt that Canada is the new outlet frontier.

Outlets draw converts
Landlords who wouldn’t have considered outlet tenancy in the past are singing a new hymn as shoppers look for value.

Cyber threats
Big companies aren’t the only ones affected by data breaches and system failures – even enterprises that don’t sell a thing can crash or be hacked.

Tourism marketing
Outlet marketers talk about their many tools for drawing tourists, including the new USA Outlet Shopping Festival May 24-27.

Destiny’s Canadian magnet
Pyramid’s strategy for attracting Canadians to Destiny USA was to add outlet tenants, lots of entertainment and strong tourism marketing.

Sands name change
What’s in a name? When an outlet center attached to a casino changed its name, the ah-HA light went on for shoppers.

Inside a shopper’s mind
A study that dissects how consumers feel when they’re shopping refutes some longheld ideas while calling for change.


News Up Front
KKR lands Legends Outlets at Kansas City in a hotly bidded auction; industry pioneer Brad Evans dies; Simon reveals outlet portion of NOI.