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September 2011


Outlet Religion
All across the country traditional developers are surveying the competitive shopping landscape in search of an outlet – an outlet center, that is.


Outlet Ownership
VRN exclusive research shows how ownership changes over the past decade have made an impact on today's outlet industry.

Oklahoma City opens 100% leased
Horizon Group Properties was walking on air and doing virtual backflips during its grand opening in August. The 100-percent leased center might well be the largest retail project of any kind to open in the U.S. this year.

VRN Fall Convention
In one of the richest fall programs ever, the Fall Outlet Leasing and Marketing Convention will be Sept. 19-20 in E. Rutherford (Secaucus), N.J., at the Sheraton Meadowlands.

ICSC's CEO Discusses Outlets
Michael P. Kercheval, president and CEO of ICSC, talked with VRN about the outlet industry's future and why he saw the industry's value more than 10 years ago.

Not a Slam Dunk
Guest columnist Jack Abelson urges outlet chains to make sure they're not taking the good times for granted and that they're covering the basics of retailing.

What's HOT?
Rebecca Galuppo, marketing and special events manager for Outlets at Hillsboro, is an energy field who's jolting Texans awake every week on KCEN-TV's Texas Today.

Outlets Are Tops in Shopper Surveys
One consumer survey shows a jump in outlet sales, and another survey points to a big surprise in visits to outlet centers.

Outlet Groupons?
A coupon is a coupon is a coupon, unless it's a Groupon, in which case it's a coupon like no other, and it's just getting going in the outlet sector.