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March 2010


New England's Finest
When Yankee Magazine asked readers to name their favorite shopping destinations, three primarily outlet markets took the top spots: Freeport, Maine; North Conway, N.H.; and Manchester, Vt.


Planned Projects
A year ago, 12 developers planned to open 15 phase 1 outlet centers. With three opening this year, hope springs eternal: 19 projects are planned to open in 2011.

Retailer's Thoughts
Outlet retailing may have enjoyed comparatively smooth sailing during the last 18 months, but nobody’s saying the ride hasn’t had its scary moments.

Oops! Is No Mistake
Make no mistake, Oops! loves bloops. The rapidly growing chain of overstocks is finding customers with its bargain pricing and outlet positioning.

Smart Car Mileage
Working every possible promo angle, Outlets of Colorado figures out how to get great mileage from one Smart Car driven by Santa Claus.

Shoppers should get ready for face-recognition software; consumers start spending again; perception rather than income decides who spends and who saves; surprise, surprise: women lie about their shopping habits; luxe shoppers surf the net for deals and info.

Steals Aren’t Deals
As the economy shrinks, shrinkage grows. Experts say reduced spending on loss prevention is key to the largest spike in shrinkage this decade.

Tax Rebates Explored
Tax-free shopping programs take off as outlet centers discover that international shoppers flock to shops that offer sales-tax rebates.

Canada Report: CrossIron Mills
The combination of a healthy economy and pent up retail demand has led to the strong opening of a megamall in Alberta; a VRN chart shows details on Canada’s 13 outlet projects that total 4.6 million sf.