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May 2008

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Cover Story

State of the Industry, Part 2
Value Retail News presents the exclusive second part of its annual State of the Outlet Industry, which focuses on outlet centers and outlet developers.

Featured Coverage

Busy in Houston
Houston Premium Outlets opens to a crush of customers on March 27, with lines forming at the doors of Coach, Nike, True Religion and Juicy Couture. Ninety-two of the center’s 120 tenants opened.

Growing in Gonzales
Tanger Outlet Center in Gonzales, La., gets bigger with a 40,000-sf expansion. The project’s red roof is gone as the center takes on a Southern architectural style.

Tough Times Marketing
Outlet developers, faced with gloomy economic news, pull out all stops in creativity, collaboration and consumer-oriented pitches, even on leaner marketing budgets.

Talbots Pumps Up
Talbots, which has just two of its 25 clearance stores in outlet centers, says it will roll out the first of 40 new outlet-center stores next year carrying mostly made-for-store merchandise. The outlet market is tailor-made for Talbots given the favorable demographics, the head of the company says.

8 Green Tips
Guest columnist Davor Kapelina suggests eight ways an outlet-center developer can implement environmental improvements at its project. Not all his suggestions require a lot of know-how or money.

Green in Williamsburg
A ceremony marks the installation of a parking lot at an expansion of Prime Outlets of Williamsburg (Va.). The seven-acre lot is touted as the largest pervious concrete project in the United States. That means that any rainwater can innocuously filter back into groundwater supplies instead of washing off and damaging nearby creeks or streams.