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September 2007

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Cover Story

Top Drawer Tenants
Profiles of chains operated by Bijoux Terner, Tourneau, Diesel and True Religion underscore how luxury tenants are blossoming in outlet centers.


Costly Wind Insurance
Developers pay big increases for wind insurance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Canadian Dollar
The strong Canadian dollar brings more outlet shoppers to the U.S.

Prime Survey Boosts B-T-S
Prime Retail integrates survey results into to a back-to-school press release.

Tanger Groundbreaking
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers breaks ground for new center near Pittsburgh.

Prime Outlets Orlando Opens
In Orlando, Prime Outlets International opens its first phase of a former Belz center.

Prescott Group Update
Seven outlet centers strong, one-year-old Prescott Group comes on like a freight train.

Pruning Makes Sense
Guest columnist Nina L. Kampler says that in gardening and retail, pruning brings growth.

eBay Ban
An outlet retailer bans eBay shoppers from reselling merchandise from its stores.

Full-price Incursion
Three outlet markets attract full-price developments.

Savannah Center
Residential development catches up to Savannah (Ga.) Festival Factory Stores.

Fall Convention
The VRN Fall Convention, set for Sept. 27-28 in E. Rutherford, N.J., has a new attraction.

Historic Wall
The developer of Citadel Outlets is lauded for preserving a special wall at the center.