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December 2006

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Cover Story

Retail Holiday
A trio of stories ushers in prospects for a bright holiday sales period in 2006 for the outlet retail business.

Royal Doulton’s Exquisite Touch
A lean and cautious Royal Doulton USA takes selectivity to heart, rebounding from widespread store closings that took its once-hearty chain of 52 stores to its current count of 17 units.

Ecco Outlets: Study in Comfort
Comfort-shoe manufacturer Ecco has made a place for itself among other high-end retailers at 18 outlet centers across the nation in recent years.


Counterfeit at Outlets: No Way
Outlet stores stay clear of counterfeit goods, which is a boon to their business.

Designing to Fight Theft
Getting the goods on a thief may not be necessary if a store’s interior is designed to deter shoplifting in the first place, a new University of Florida study finds.

Google’s coupon giveaway
The Internet search goliath is offering outlet centers and all other U.S. businesses free coupon advertising on its Google Maps site, in an effort to get more businesses to “think Google” for local advertising.

Big Revenues in Rec Shoppers
Outlet chains can’t afford to ignore them: Recreational shoppers - sometimes called leisure shoppers - are big spenders, and are spending even more these days.

Chelsea’s Newest Center
Chelsea Property Group’s latest project - Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets in Mercedes, Texas - opens to crowds that fill the center, which is 97 percent occupied.


Arizona mills Curbs Kids, Teensl
Arizona Mills, with a rule that says underage kids must have an adult with them when they shop the megamall on Friday or Saturday, joins the nation’s 20 projects that have enacted such restrictions.