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June/July 2006

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Cover Story



Mixing it Up
Growing numbers of outlet centers are experimenting with non-outlet tenants, from cineplexes to salons. And some traditional retail centers are adding outlets to their tenant lists to offer one-of-a-kind stores in their markets.


Ownership Changes
A listing of the country’s recent activity involving the sale of outlet centers shows the market has been quite active.


New Players
Recently acquired, the former USA Factory Stores in Opelika, Ala. adds a new restaurant and tenants not usually found in an outlet center, like Famous Brands Uniforms and 12 Dollars or Less.


Unique Center
Essex (Vt.) Shoppes & Cinema transforms itself into a lifestyle center but maintains a solid outlet core.


Added Use
The new owner of an outlet center in Morrisville, N.C. plans to add a hotel.


Maneuvering at Wilsons
Wilsons Leather, fighting stiff competition, announces key changes that will bring far-reaching changes to the outerwear maker’s retail operations.

Motorcoach Niche
They may come in groups to visit historic sites, watch a show, or take a chance at the craps table. And more and more, bus travelers have another stop on their itinerary – the outlet center.

Pepperidge Farms
The billion-dollar, wholly-owned subsidiary of Campbell Soup Co. also has a thriving presence in the nation’s outlet centers.

World-Class Websites
Now that the Web is firmly established as a business communication tool, a number of outlet-center developers have discovered ways to elevate the medium to worldclass heights and create glistening icons of e-commerce.

Gulfport Revisited
The story of what happened to Pam Meinzinger is a snapshot of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Tragedy tested her faith. Out of faith came strength. Out of strength came rebirth.

Hailed in san Marcos
The two outlet centers in San Marcos, Texas, take a beating during a 15-minute hailstorm. One closes afterward, but it quickly rebounds.