Group Discount

Corportate Teams: Send More, Save More!

To give back to the industry and to help ICSC member companies enhance professional development, ICSC has established a special discount program for the 2017 University of Shopping Centers. Group discounts apply to full registration (Monday through Wednesday) and do not apply to student rates. Only official ICSC member companies are eligible for a group discount, and all attendees registering in the group must be current employees of the same organization.

  • 3-5 attendees – 15% discount
  • 6-9 attendees – 20% discount
  • 10-14 attendees – 25% discount

How it works:

  1. Select your group leader.
  2. Determine who you will be enrolled (names are required).
  3. Please send the completed registrations forms for each attendee to Janelle Jose at She will then deduct the appropriate discount, and send to our registration team for processing.

*Please note that the discount can only apply to the names provided PRIOR to registration.

Registration Form (pdf)

For More Information
For more information about ICSC's University of Shopping Centers program, please contact Faith Cooper, Manager of Education, ICSC, at