Local stores boost shopping center traffic: ICSC report

Publish Date: May 11, 2017

Forty-three percent of American adults shop at a local store one or more times a week, according to a survey conducted by ORC International on behalf of ICSC. A full 96 percent of Americans whose main shopping center boasts a local retailer patronize that retailer. Local shops are as popular among the young as among older shoppers, the survey found: Nine out of 10 Millennials and GenX-ers patronize such shops, and 87 percent of boomers do as well.

Shoppers spend, on average, $279.90 each per month at small businesses, with Millennials saying they spend $393 per month, GenX-ers $287 and boomers $166.

Food-and-beverage small businesses are the most visited type — 66 percent of consumers said they frequent them — followed by grocery and specialty food stores 48 percent, combined. Fifty-five percent of customers who visit food-and-beverage small shops said they believe customer service to be superior there than at the larger chains.

The survey was conducted April 17–19, with 1,014 respondents over age 18. The survey may be viewed here.