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Public Policy Research

Public policies can have a significant impact on how businesses in the private sector operate, creating complex reverberations throughout the economy. Through comprehensive unbiased analyses, ICSC Research is committed to understanding those policies that have the greatest potential impact on our stakeholders and global economic growth and prosperity. To find more information about what issues are currently “in-play” and how you can get involved, please visit ICSC’s office of Global Public Policy.

Do you have an issue that you feel deserves a closer look? Please email us at research@icsc.org – we want to hear from you!

Economic Impact of Shopping Centers

ICSC Research compiles information on the economic footprint of the shopping center industry at the national, state and congressional district levels in the United States and at the national and provincial levels in Canada.

U.S. State Cards

Canadian Provincial Cards

U.S. State and Congressional District Economic Impact Studies

The full December 2011 report detailing the economic impact of the shopping center industry at the congressional district level can be accessed here: The Economic Impact of the U.S. Shopping-Center Industry.

Property & Policy Research

ICSC’s Property & Policy Research is dedicated to providing a research perspective on public policies that affect the retail real estate industry. Please click here to access back issues of this publication.

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