ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Certification Review Courses

Use these static online webinars to help you better understand what to expect, as well as identify key areas for your studies. All sessions are sold separately. Contact certification@icsc.org to purchase.

Certified Retail Property Executive (CRX)

This 1-hour session provides a targeted, in-depth review of the CRX test specification areas; focusing on Ownership, Asset Management, Finance and Accounting (Domains 1 and 3) which comprise 25% of the exam.  During the session, sample questions will be reviewed and attendees will gain valuable insight into test-taking strategies. 

Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) Series

These courses provide a targeted, in-depth review of the CSM test specifications as well as several sample questions, and valuable insight into test-taking strategies. 

a) Session 1 is a 2-hour course focusing on Operations, Facility Management, and Sustainability (Domain 8) which comprises 22% of the exam, as well as Personnel Management (Domain 11) which comprises 5% of the exam.  Attending will help you better understand what to expect, as well as identify key areas for your studies.

b) Session 2 is a 1-hour course providing an in-depth review of Ownership, Asset Management and Type (Domain 1), Accounting, Finance and Financial Reporting (Domain 2), and Risk Management and Insurance (Domain 10) which comprise a total of 21% of the CSM test specifications.

CDP Professional Certification Exam Preparation Master Class – Four class series

Prepare to take the ICSC CDP Certification exam through this concentrated 4-session Master Class.  The Class takes participants through a design and construction project while incorporating the CDP exam specifications.  Participants will gain insight into test content, real-life applications, what to expect, and other available study materials.

a) Session 1 focuses on domains pertaining to Pro Forma, Site Selection, Due Diligence, Project Cost Management, as well as Government and Regulation Compliance. 

b) Session 2 focuses on Design (Part 1). Participants will gain insight into the intricacies of test-related project design and sample test questions pertaining to design.

c) Session 3 focuses on Design (part 2), Retail Store Planning, Tenant Coordination, Sustainability, Legal, Risk Management and Ethics, as well as Construction and Construction Management.

d) Session 4 is a recap session where participants will receive valuable test-taking tips and have the opportunity to ask last-minute questions. This session will be provided free of charge to participants who purchase sessions 1, 2, or 3.