ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers

Director of Constructon (C-6206)

Job Description

The Director of Construction will be responsible for the preconstruction and construction phases of new construction and major renovations.  The Director will coordinate and supervise all new construction and major renovation projects across a large portfolio of regional shopping malls, assuring conformity with budgets, schedule, job specifications, and quality standards.

• Work closely with Developers (VP’s and Directors of Development) to advance the preconstruction planning and cost estimating effort for both new construction and major renovation projects. 
• Responsibilities during the planning phase and preconstruction phase of the project will include:
 Working with internal development and asset management staff to create development plans, as well as hard and soft cost budgets, that conform to strategic business plans
 Coordinating with internal and external resources and assets to prepare both early stage conceptual cost estimates, as well as comprehensive “work letter” pricing and scheduling information to leasing and asset management staff
 Reviewing and approving progress design, coordinating their efforts to ensure that all building regulations and codes are met in design drawings and construction documents.
 Review civil construction documents for accuracy and potential cost savings alternatives.
 Work in concert with Developers to coordinate with public officials for historic approvals, permits, code issues, variances, assessments, EPA, hazardous wastes, and other regulatory requirements at city, state and federal levels.
 Overseeing project logistical planning
 Establishing development and construction master program schedules, and routinely updating these master schedules throughout the development cycle.
 Determine, investigate, and qualify appropriate contractor resources for each project.
 Bid and negotiate construction contracts with general contractors and specialty contractors.
 Awarding and working with counsel to write construction contracts.
 Assisting development team with value engineering and cost analysis for any potential project savings.
 Working in concert with Development Group to select and purchase all project amenities not included in construction contracts.
• Provide leadership and supervision of the construction phase of multiple redevelopment projects.
• Responsibilities during this phase of development will include:
 Ensuring that all projects are meeting budget objectives and all scheduled tenant delivery dates are met.
 Leading and supervising outside Owner’s Representative/Project Management consultants in their coordination and supervision of new construction and major renovation projects.
 Providing weekly project inspections and prepare a weekly status update for all projects.
 Problem resolution and dealing with the day-to-day issues of the construction process
 Providing RFI response where Owner action is required
 Working with the Development Group and Asset Management staff to monitor project performance, objectives, costs, income and cash flow.
 Approving construction change orders and review and process payment requisitions.
• Other key responsibilities include:
 Maintaining contact with VP of Construction regarding development direction, management issues, and project decisions.
 Maintaining on-going relationships with contractors, consultants, and other related parties.
 Working with mall managers and tenant coordinators to assure that Landlord Work deliverables and tenant store openings dates are met or advanced.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Planning, Architecture, Engineering, or Finance preferred
• 10-15+ years’ experience in real estate construction and development as a contractor, architect, engineer, developer or project director.
• The combination of equivalent education and experience necessary to effectively perform the responsibilities of the position.
• Working knowledge of Primavera scheduling software
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with all levels of management, outside legal counsel, bankers, merchants, etc.
• Effective interpersonal skills

Business Responsibility: Corporate Staff Management

Job Responsibility: Construction

Job Category: Director

About Poline Associates

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The majority of our clients are among the top US shopping center developers and owners. Our retailer clients range from large, well-established national retail chains to emerging concepts looking to create a presence either on a national, regional, or local basis.  In addition, we work with retail general contractors, architecture and design firms, and real estate-focused law firms nationwide on their talent needs.

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Posted: May 19, 2017
Travel Required: No
Job Responsibility: Construction
Business Responsibility: Corporate Staff Management
Job Category: Director

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