ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


My Account FAQs

  • I forgot my password.
    On the Login page, click Forgot Password, and enter your email address. We will email you a link to reset your password. If you have changed email addresses and no longer have access to the email address we have on file for you, please call +1 646 728 3800. 
  • Where can I find my member number?
    Your member number will be on your membership card. It will also be on any dues receipt or event registration confirmation you receive. If you still have trouble finding it, you can call us at +1 646 728 3800 or email membership@icsc.org.
  • I'm a member but I don't have a password.
    If you have never signed on before, you will need to go to the Login page to complete the first time login process. You will need to enter your membership number and last name to create a password.
  • I tried signing on for the first time but the system told me I had already signed on before.
    It is possible you or someone from your office has already gone through the first time login process and created a password. If you were an ICSC member with a different company previously and just renewed or rejoined with your current company, we would keep the same password you had before, so please try your old password. If neither of these work, you can try resetting your password by visiting the Forgot Password page or call us at +1 646 728 3800.
  • I click log out but the website still says I am logged in. How do I log out?
    *Last time when you logged in, you may have selected “long time sign on.” In order to log out now, delete the cookies from your browser. In Internet Explorer, click on “tools” in the menu bar, and then select “Internet Options.” Under “Temporary Internet Files” click on delete cookies and click OK.
  • I just renewed my membership online yet I get a message saying my membership number is invalid when I try to sign onto the web site.
    It usually takes three working days to process your renewal application received via fax or mail and get you into the system. If it has been longer than three working days, please call our Information Center at +1 646 728 3800 or e-mail them at membership@icsc.org. Online renewals can take as long as 1 business day in certain instances.
  • How do I update my password, contact info, photo, etc.?
    First you must be logged into the ICSC.org website. Once logged in, click on the "My ICSC" link at the top of any page. You can make changes using the "Manage Account" link next to your photo. Make all the appropriate changes and then click "Update Individual Profile" at the bottom.
  • How do I change my name or company?
    This request must be in writing at the request of the Official ICSC Member. You may email this request to membership@icsc.org or fax to membership services at +1 732 694 1800.
  • Why do you need my photo? What if I don't want my photo displayed on the web?
    ICSC-issued color photo badges are now required for access to many ICSC events. All ICSC members must submit a color photo to be included with their permanent membership records. Once a photo is on file with ICSC, you will not have to submit another. It can be used again for future ICSC events. If you are updating your photo through "My ICSC", just check the box that reads: "Please do not display my photo in ICSC published materials or make available for others to view on the ICSC web site". If you are sending your photo through email, please specify your request in the body of the email.