ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Membership FAQs

  • Is there an Individual member fee?
    No, there are only Official Members and Affiliate Members.
  • Did you receive my dues payment?
    You will receive a confirmaiton email at the time your dues payment is processed. For more information, call the Information Center at +1 646 728 3800.
  • Where can I find my member number?
    Your member number will be at the top of your MyICSC page. It will also be on any dues receipt or event registration confirmation you receive. If you still have trouble finding it, you can call us at +1 646 728 3800 or email membership@icsc.org.
  • Can I transfer my membership?
    If you have changed companies and your new company is a member of ICSC, then yes you can. Just put your request in writing and email it to membership@icsc.org or fax to +1 732 694 1800.
  • I thought I was a member, but the website isn't recognizing me as a member. Why?
    Your membership may have expired - in this case, you can go to "MyICSC" and click the "Renew membership" button to reactivate your membership for another 12 months. It is also possible that you attended our event(s) as a non-member. Our events are open to both members and non-members, and attendance at our events does not guarantee membership. Applying for membership is a separate process that you can learn more about here.
  • How do I find another ICSC member?
    You can do a quick search by name or company on the Directories page. If you are looking for a list of people who fit specific criteria (e.g. business type, business responsibility, title, geographic region, or certification), you can use the Advanced Search. Select the filters you want to use and press "Filter Results." Click on a person's name to view their profile. If you are a member, but have not already signed on, you will be asked to do so before you can use the membership directory.
  • How can I download a membership list?
    ICSC does not provide membership lists in paper or digital exportable format. A member directory is available online, for members only, in the Member Directory section of the website. 
  • How can I change my company listing in the Member Company Directory?
    The company information can only be changed by the Official Member. To update the contact information or company description, the Official Member should go to the "MyICSC" page and click "Manage Account." Company information can be edited in the "Company Profile" section. Please note that your Company Name is not editable as this is set in our membership database when you join. Once you have filled out all the editable fields, please click on "submit" at the bottom of the page. For more information contact the Information Center at +1 646 728 3800.
  • Why are nonmembers allowed to sign on?
    We assign an ID number to nonmembers as a unique identifier to track balances, access listings that need to be edited, etc. However, this type of sign-on will not allow access to member-only areas.
  • I'm not an ICSC member but I have an ID number because I was a member / I attended a meeting / I subscribe to SCT...Can I use my ID# to access ICSC.org?
    Absolutely, but you will not be allowed access to member-only areas.