ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Events FAQs

  • I think I registered for an event, but I'm not sure. How do I confirm my event registration?
    Event registration confirmations are emailed to you automatically if you have registered in advance. If you are a member, you can log in and go to "MyICSC" to see a list of events that you are currently registered for. Or, you can go to the event page; if you are already registered, you will see a red checkmark labeled "Registered" in place of a "Register" button. Otherwise, you may confirm by calling the Information Center at +1 646 728 3800.
  • I registered for an event and would like to contact some people beforehand. Can I find out who else is coming?
    Yes. Attendee lists are available to members and non-members once your registration has been processed and you receive an email confirmation. Once logged into the website, you may go to the Events page or MyICSC to see the events you are registered to attend. Select the "Attendees" link under the event name and a list of attendees will be presented to you. If you click on any attendee name you will find his or her contact information. Non-members will need to log into the website using their event registrant ID and will continue to have access to the attendee list for 30 days after the event. Many of our larger events with exhibits will also have a separate, searchable list of exhibitors. This information is available to everyone.
  • Can I download a list of event attendees?
    Yes, but only in PDF format; we do not offer them in paper format or in a digital exportable format. The PDF format contains all attendees and their contact info, excluding email addresses, and are organized in alphabetical order by company name. The PDF may be accessed four weeks prior to the event date and can be found in the Additional Links section of the Event Details page. The list is refreshed each night so new registrants will not appear on the attendee list until the next day. Non-members will have access to the attendee list for 30 days after the event.
  • Where are the exhibitor lists?
    Every event that has a trade show component will have an "Exhibitors" button that leads to an exhibitor list. If the event exhibitors link does not appear, then the list is not yet available. This list is searchable and will also link to the floor plan. 
  • Where can I find past events?
    For past events, go the Events section of the Web site. On the right column (if viewing on a tablet or desktop computer) or on the advanced search page (on a smartphone), you will see a set of filters, one of which allows you to view events within a date range. Once you select the date range and click "Filter results," you can select the event you are interested in. 
  • Can I register for an event over the phone?
    Yes, please call the Information Center at +1 646 728 3800 to register for an event over the phone.
  • I need to speak to someone about arrangements for our booth at an event.
    Please call our Information Center at +1 646 728 3800. You will be referred to the event coordinator for your particular event.
  • I registered for an event but will not be able to attend. How can I cancel my registration?
    Go to MyICSC and you will see all the events you are registered for. Underneath each event is a link for Cancel/Refund. All cancellations will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.