2016 Canadian Community Support Award to Edmonton’s Kingsway Mall

ICSC Foundation Presents the 2016 Canadian Community Support Award to Edmonton’s Kingsway Mall


NEW YORK, September 22, 2016 – The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Foundation has presented the 2016 Canadian Community Support Award to Kingsway Mall for their outstanding demonstration of support for the surrounding communities after a natural disaster struck, forcing local residents to evacuate. The ICSC Foundation’s Community Support Awards recognize a variety of corporate social responsibility and community outreach efforts by shopping centers, their management companies, developers and retailers.


Following one of the largest fire evacuations in Canada’s history, the Kingsway Mall teamed up with the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society to help distribute basic necessities to the residents of their neighboring community, Fort McMurray, who were ordered to leave everything behind in order to evacuate quickly and safely. The mall transformed an anchor space into the City of Edmonton’s only distribution center, enlisting the help of the community to secure the support of over 7,200 volunteers. In the first full week of operation alone, the distribution center aided over 31,000 evacuees–a total that was expected to almost double by the center’s closing date.


Relief was offered beyond the distribution center as the mall handed out over 500 tote bags full of goods in addition to “New Mom Care Packages” to new mothers. The property also procured contributions from retailer tenants in the form of steep discounts, merchandise and gift cards. In addition, Kingsway Mall utilized their communication channels to issue accurate and timely news updates, recruit volunteers and help drive additional donations.


Kingsway Mall General Manager Susan Denney said, "Like all Canadians, we watched as 90,000 people fled through fire, leaving behind everything. The team at Kingsway Mall, with the support of its owner, Oxford Properties, had the space and desire to help. It’s truly an overwhelming feeling to know we were able to help so many and through the honor of this award, give back again. We’re so proud we could be there for our customers, new and old, when they truly needed it most."  


The Canadian Community Support Awards recognize and promote the most outstanding examples of social responsibility demonstrated by shopping centers in the region. To commemorate this honor, the ICSC Foundation has donated $5,000 CAN to the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society, a non-profit organization that provides relief for victims of fire and disasters as well as affordable goods and services to low-income families.


“Together, hand in hand with Kingsway Mall, we were able to help aid over 58,000 evacuees and bring together thousands of volunteers in the time of need to truly demonstrate the strength of our communities. With the donation of the 5,000 dollars we will be purchasing gift cards for the families affected by fire, disaster and special circumstances,” said Cindi Hache, executive director of the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society.


The ICSC Foundation presented the award to Kingsway Mall during a ceremony at the ICSC Canadian Convention in Toronto. Kingsway Mall, located in Edmonton, Canada, is managed by Oxford Properties Group. 


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