Latin America Community Support Award

2016 Winner

Paseo Santa Catarina
“909 Heart Steps”

This year the ICSC Foundation has recognized Planigrupo, a developer and manager of shopping malls throughout Mexico and Colombia, with the Latin America Community Support Award for their outstanding “909 Heart Steps” campaign. The campaign, which took place at the Paseo Santa Catarina mall in Mexico, helped support a local community in need through a collective effort to donate a basic necessity–new shoes.

“909 Heart Steps” was created to aid the families of Torres of Guadalupe at Garcia Nuevo Leon, who live in ailing conditions. The campaign provided the community with over 700 pairs of shoes and promoted a sense of social responsibility within the center. Mall tenants also participated through donations and bolstered efforts by providing “Rosca de Reyes,” a traditional delicacy, and a children’s show for entertainment.To commemorate this award, the ICSC Foundation has donated $5,000 USD to Planigrupo’s partnering charity Aquí Tu Servilleta. The ICSC Foundation presented the award to Planigrupo during a ceremony at RECon Latin America in Cancun, Mexico.

“The 909 Heart Steps campaign generated a positive impact that was felt across multiple communities. We know that in addition to offering the most basic form of protection, shoes provide a sense of security. This campaign stemmed directly from hearing the needs of the community and ultimately strengthened the link between beneficiary and volunteer.”

-Haydeé Moreno, Planigrupo, Marketing ,Manager.

Year Recipient Program
2016 Paseo Santa Catarina in Mexico "909 Heart Steps"
2015 Complexo Metro Tatuapé in Brazil “Mulheres de Peito” campaign
2014 Shopping Barra in Brazil “Tree of Dreams” campaign
2013 Centro Comercial Puerta del Norte Entrepreneurship Program
2012 Ancar Ivanhoe's Shopping Nova America Making a Difference
2010 Mall Plaza Biblioteca Viva
2009 Punta Carretas Shopping Center Fundacion Teleton