Round Table Discussions

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Tuesday, 25 APRIL 2017
Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center
12:30 - 14:00

Join us for lively discussions on topics connected to how our industry is Building Communities, Fuelling Economies and Inspiring Innovation on a global scale. 

Round Table discussions create further networking opportunities as attendees break down into small groups for informal, interactive discussions providing an ideal format for participants to exchange ideas and delve deeper into key issues raised during the Conference.

You may attend one table of your choice, subject to availability. 
To register to attend a round table, please contact Christian Reid with the details of the table you would like to join.

Round Table Discussion Topics Table Host

1. Guests or customers? How are shopping centers using customer experience to drive footfall?

Sławomir Murawski



Agnieszka Juszkis

2. Expand the significance and meaning of your shopping centre

Arno Ruigrok

3. Shopping centre rents across Europe – where is the growth?

Dirk Hoenig-Ohnsorg
Union Investment

4. F&B Trends 

Jonathan Doughty


 Colin Burnet

5. The Polish Investment Market 

Agata Sekula 


Neil Lipscomb 

6. The Hypermarkets’ role in Shopping Malls

Anthony Khoi
Aerium Turkey

7. Inspiring Innovation

Fabrice Paumelle
BNP Paribas Real Estate

8. Retail Management of the Future: Focus CEE

Lukas Schwarz

9. Retail and shopping centres as driver for urban regeneration & neighbourhood revival

Herman Kok

10. Promotion of Shopping centres to public, People Centres 2020

Jan Kotrbáček
Cushman & Wakefield

11. Local development & regional variation as innovation booster


Christoph Andexlinger
SES Spar 

12. Beyond Food Courts

Jorge Morgadinho
Sonae Sierra

13. The future of retail and what it means for retail real estate

Michelle Buxton
Toolbox Group

14. “Where are shopping centres going?” – are they sustainable and how will they change to suit new trends

Rob Pearce 


Derek Barker

15. Romania as a future market for Shopping Centres

Ingo Nissen
Sonae Sierra 

16. Using BREEAM as an asset management tool

Clemens Brenninkmeijer

17. New paradigm of shopping centres in the new retail environment

Olivier Gerard Coester

18. Merging Physical and Digital Retail Channels – Opportunities and Challenges

Simon LissSimon Liss

19. Innovation – Envision the future

Carlos JesusCarlos Jesus
Sonae Sierra