ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Venezuelan Chamber of Shopping Centers (CAVECECO)


Concerned by the quick growth of economic activity around shopping centers in recent times, a group of professionals proposed to constitute a council that would assist the interests of the shopping center sector. Subsequently, in direct contact with representative of the sector, a group of promoters established to set up the "First National Encounter of commercial centers and merchants", in Quinta Esmeralda's convention center. With the participation of more than 100 people coming from all the different regions of the country, on June 12, 1997, the Cámara Venezolana de Centros Comerciales, Comerciantes y Afines (Cavececo) was constituted. Its firm purpose is to strengthen the development processes of Venezuela's shopping center industry in new tendencies of commercialization and the consumer's integral satisfaction.

The main objectives of the chamber include:

  • To foster good relations among businesspeople, dealers, promoters, investors and other stakeholders in the industry;
  • To promote the exchange of technical information;
  • To facilitate professional training;
  • To protect the rights of its members;
  • To conduct studies and research about the advancement of marketing and related subjects;
  • To establish national and international cooperation
  • The benefits are embodied in its purpose, namely to assist its members through education, research, statistical information, negotiation and law and regulation enforcement.

For more information please contact:

Claudia Itriago
General Manager
2da. Av. Campo Alegre, Torre Credival, Piso 12
TEL: +58 212 2610266
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