ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Argentine Council of Shopping Centers (CASC)


The shopping center industry has not escaped the vertiginous growth inspired by recent booming economic activity. This development began in the United States, the birthplace of shopping centers, and has extended in small measures to the rest of the world. Argentina was not an exception.

The rise of new malls, built or planned, demanded the necessity for a council that could group and organize local activity to a national level. Thus, in 1990 the Cámara Argentina de Shopping Centers (CASC) (Argentine Council of Shopping Centers), was formed. CASC is a non-profit organization whose prime objective is to reach a consensus on the global interest over specific interests, business or regional, of all its associated shopping centers. Furthermore, CASC serves as the industry's voice to the government and public with the goal of sharing its values and benefits with the consumer.

The objectives of the Cámara Argentina de Shopping Centers are:

  • To create relations between owners, merchants, employees, consultants and interested participants.
  • To defend the rights of its active members, within the framework of current laws, in harmony with the interests of the community.
  • To promote the exchange of information between its members and third parties, though workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • To create legal sanctions and dictate regulations with respect to the needs of the region.
  • To collaborate with public officials in the interest of the community and its members.
  • To establish relations with other organizations, domestic and international, whose goals are similar to those of this Council.
  • To attend domestic and international conferences and conventions when they affect its members.

For more information please contact:

Gabriel González
Presidente CASC​​
Jerónimo Salguero 2142-3° Piso
Buenos Aires C142DES
Tel. +54 11 4825 7070
Fax. +54 11 4826 7919