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Spanish Council of Shopping Centers and Retail Parks (AECC)


Spanish Council of Shopping Centers and Retail Parks (AECC)​ was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organization of nationwide scope of a sector involving more than 550 Shopping Centres with a GLA of 15,500,000 m2 integrating more than 33,000 retailers with over 1,900 millions visitors per year.

AECC members include: Shopping Centres and Retailers, Developers and Investors, Shopping Centre Consultants and Professionals of feasibility, planning and marketing, Legal Offices, Architecture and Engineering Studios, Official Institutions, Service and Capital Goods Suppliers, and every company, institution, organization or professional being involved with the Shopping Centre Industry. Our primary purpose is to help our members in developing and expanding their businesses by facilitating points of contact to promote professional networking, keeping them informed about new developments in the sector and representing their interest vis-à-vis public institutions and the mass media.

For this reason, the AECC offers informative and educational activities:

  • PUBLICATIONS: its monthly magazine ("Centros"), the Directory of Shopping Centres in Spain and several studies on trends in the Spanish Industry,
  • the Spanish CONGRESS of Shopping Centres and the TRADE FAIR every two years,
  • a biennial national CONFERENCE ON TRENDS,
  • the Web site,
  • Communication with Government Public Authorities, etc.

Although it is based in Madrid, the AECC has permanent Delegates in several Regions of the country, who reinforce the representation of the company.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Beatriz Vidal​
Mauricio Legendre, 19-1° A
28046 Madrid
Tel. +34 913 084 844
Fax. +34 913 105 535