ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers

Which Events Are Right For Me?

Event Types

The P3 Retail Program is a special ICSC initiative that provides forums for the public and private sectors to network, share ideas, discuss industry issues and explore retail development opportunities. ICSC P3 Retail meetings are both time and cost effective opportunities for public officials, developers, retailers and other industry leaders to grow their relationships and learn from one another.

Idea Exchanges are a one-stop for education, networking and deal making. These one-to-two -day regional meetings provide an opportunity for attendees to gain information about the most current industry issues, meet and interact with colleagues doing business in the same region and make deals.

Next Generation is ICSC’s educational, networking and mentoring program specifically designed for retail real estate professionals who are seeking to develop or advance their careers and build relationships in the shopping center industry. The Next Generation program offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with peers, share experiences and exchange ideas. Next Generation events also welcome seasoned professionals who wish to give back to the industry by becoming a mentor. ICSC members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Special Industry Groups (SIGS) were developed to address the interests of retail real estate professionals of like disciplines within the industry. SIGS are educational programs that provide valuable “take home” information and ideas that you can immediately apply to your business. ICSC members who attend a SIGS session become part of a global network of industry professionals who are able to reach out to their colleagues around the world.

National Deal Making events are held annually in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. and are a great opportunity for owner/developers, retailers, brokers, lenders, municipalities & property asset managers discuss, exhibit and advertise existing, new and renovating projects.

Specialty Conferences

Social and digital media are changing the way consumers shop and the way that we do business. Embracing the new technology is no longer just experimental - it is a critical part of any business strategy involving multiple disciplines. MOCIAL focuses on what’s new in mobile + social + local based applications. Participants learn directly from retailers who are moving their followers to dollars, and leading experts demonstrate how a smart, creative social and digital media strategy can impact your bottom line.

This is the premier retail sustainability real estate conference for operations, design, development and construction professionals who are serious about learning the latest in sustainability in a retail environment. Learn in a variety of formats and presentations from those at the forefront of sustainable business and building practices through a variety of formats, including panels, workshops and roundtable discussions.

NOI+ is dedicated exclusively to enhancing your center's bottom-line. Spanning the course of two days, this practical and thought-provoking conference benefits an entire industry. Its focus is on educating industry professionals on asset management priorities and maximizing Net Operating Income at their retail properties. The U.S. MAXI Awards, recognizing excellence and innovation in retail marketing is one of the conference’s highlights.

Centerbuild Conference
If you are involved in the design, development or construction of shopping centers, this conference can’t be missed. This highly interactive conference addresses local and international development issues and brings industry professionals together to share ideas and achievements relative to design and construction.

Next Generation Conference
This conference is the culmination of nearly 1,000 Next Generation events held globally since 2001. The event includes dynamic speakers, compelling topics and exciting formats. Whether you’re moving up in your career or searching for networking opportunities to improve your business, this event has it all.

Open-Air Summit
This is the best source for high level interactive and open discussion of key trends, challenges and opportunities collectively facing the open-air shopping center community.

Research Connections
Access the latest information on the economy and its impact on the shopping center industry, hear the most current industry research studies and be exposed to new techniques to make better and more informed decisions.

Shopping Center Law Conference
Interact with top real estate attorneys as they discuss legal issues and learn how to overcome pitfalls to maximize the success of your projects and find opportunities.