Value Retail News

Value Retail News

June 2016

A talk with Steve Tanger

CEO Steven B. Tanger, son of the late Stanley K. Tanger, talked with VRN in May about the outlet sector’s resilience, changes in consumer spending habits and the impact of a strong dollar on sales.

VRN editor retires

After 25 years with Value Retail News, editor in chief Linda Humphers retires.

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International Outlet Journal


  • Time to go sailing
  • Conversing with Brendon O’Reilly
  • European Outlet Conference recaps
  • Creating Destinations
  • Macroeconomic and Spending Outlook
  • Development and Overview Trends


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Global Outlet NewsBrief

Global Outlet NewsBrief is your update of breaking news in the outlet center retailing and development marketplace.

Emailed and posted online every two weeks, Global Outlet NewsBrief is edited and written by ICSC's Value Retail News and International Outlet Journal.

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