Shopping Centers Today May 2015

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Building boom

Expanding retailers are keeping global developers busy.

— SCT May 2015
Ethnic centers: Latino lessons — SCT May 2015
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Concrete progress for retail contractors — SCT May 2015
Europe on the mend — SCT May 2015
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Africa’s waking giant — SCT May 2015

The Common Area


Americans are still dining out, but they may have fewer restaurant choices because of a lack of mom-and-pop restaurant openings, according to research.

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News Makers


Kloe Colacarro’s new job is to keep Caruso’s properties popular.

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Retailing Today


Vineyard Vines is riding a wave of popularity for preppy apparel.

— SCT May 2015
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The Bottom Line


At $427 a square foot, the industry sales average is higher than ever thanks to record occupancy levels.

— SCT May 2015
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Center Stage


Magnolia Marketplace is helping revive post-Katrina New Orleans.

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On the Ground


An oil boom is fueling a surge in new retail development in the "badlands" of North Dakota.

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