Shopping Centers Today March 2015

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Landlords offer independent tenants a helping hand

Landlords can play a key role in helping new concepts become thriving tenants.

— SCT March 2015
Landlords find higher income on rooftops — SCT March 2015
Cultivating Europe’s elite mall managers — SCT March 2015
Universities put stores on the syllabus — SCT March 2015

The Common Area


Etailer is venturing offline again with its latest experiment in bricks-and-mortar retailing: a staffed pickup and drop-off location at Purdue University.

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News Makers


Jenefer Greenwood’s contribution to real estate earned her an invitation to Buckingham Palace.

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Retailing Today


Already known for the bold colors and patterns of its merchandise, Vera Bradley is now taking correspondingly bold steps toward a brand transformation, including store expansion and efforts to extend its appeal to new customers.

— SCT March 2015
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The Bottom Line


U.S. retailers and restaurateurs announced plans to close 5,500 establishments in 2014, according to ICSC Research and PNC Real Estate Research. This is quite a jump from the previous year’s record low of 2,500 announced closings.

— SCT March 2015
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Center Stage


Artegon Marketplace offers a place for local artisans to showcase their wares in Orlando, Fla.

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On the Ground


Renewed ties between the U.S. and Cuba might be great for tourism, but retailers are not rushing in.

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