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Bidding wars

A crowd of buyers is chasing a small number of properties for sale, causing cap rates to dive.

— SCT October 2014
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The Common Area


In addition to the nearly 300 Apple stores in the U.S., other retailers that will support Apple Pay include Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Whole Foods and many more.

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News Makers


The mall has a bright future, says retail expert Paco Underhill.

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Retailing Today


Are retailers hurting their brands by relying more on part-timers?

— SCT October 2014
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The Bottom Line


“The immediate effect of the potential acquisition is unknown in the marketplace.”

— SCT October 2014
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Center Stage


The storied past of the Grove Arcade shopping center, in Asheville, N.C., began with the vision of E.W. Grove, a patent-medicine magnate who imagined building what he came to call “the finest structure in the South.” When the arcade opened in 1929 tenants in the neo-Gothic-style building included a haberdashery, candy and cigar stores, millinery shops, bookstalls and specialty grocery stores. 

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On the Ground


In California's Inland Empire region, boomtowns that went bust are seeing resurgence thanks to improved fundamentals.

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