Shopping Centers Today February 2015

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Market share

Discounters and other innovators are turning the global supermarket industry on its head.

— SCT February 2015
Big comeback for big boxes — SCT February 2015
In my opinion: Retail’s future has its roots in the past — SCT February 2015

The Common Area


Macy's plans to spend $140 million to improve omni-channel selling.

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News Makers


ICSC has tapped CBL’s Stephen Lebovitz to be its 2015–’16 chairman.

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Retailing Today


Changes in Sears Holding's behemoth real estate portfolio will shake up the retail landscape.

— SCT February 2015
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The Bottom Line


Cap rates on single-tenant, net-leased retail properties in the U.S. hovered at a historically low 6.5 percent in the fourth quarter.

— SCT February 2015
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Center Stage


Massachusetts' MarketStreet Lynnfield makes the most of its marshland setting.

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On the Ground


In Charleston, S.C., tourists keep downtown shops and eateries busy year-round.

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