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Next Generation


NEXT GENEROSITY is a philanthropic campaign launched in 2014, to create awareness for the Next Generation Program and to promote and raise money for the ICSC Foundation’s various scholarships.

This is where Next Generation Meets Altruistic Community Outreach.

A portion of the registration fee from a NEXT Generosity Program is donated to the ICSC Foundation to raise money for scholarships and hence supporting the future of the Retail Real Estate Industry.

When is the NEXT GENEROSITY Campaign?

In 2015, the month of NOVEMBER has been designated as NEXT GENEROSITY MONTH.

Next GENerosity programs are not meant to be additional programs added to your calendar; but rather to take an already planned fall program and brand it as Next GENerosity.

Any ICSC Local Next Generation programs held during the month of November will be branded as a NEXT GENEROSITY program, and will serve as Fundraisers for the ICSC Foundation.

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Next Generation Events

Next Generation National Conference

July 24 - 26, 2016
Los Angles,CA

East Bay Next Generation Program & Reception

February 11, 2016

Denver Next Generation Program

December 17, 2015

San Antonio Next Generosity Program

December 15, 2015
San Antonio,TX

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