ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


ICSC PAC is the only federally registered political action committee that represents the interests of the shopping center industry and ICSC members. ICSC PAC works to build the political clout our industry needs with Members of Congress and to assist the election of legislators who support our issues.

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Why was ICSC PAC formed?

Politics is serious business. As long as government can change the rules of the game-when one bad bill can tip a booming business into bankruptcy or bring some new development to a halt-getting involved in the political debate isn't optional: It's imperative.

The passage of one bill in the U.S. Congress alone can make a greater impact on the future of our industry than many decisions made by your own management. Will we have non-discriminatory and fair taxation of real estate? Will we be faced with a new tax bill every year that will make planning more difficult? Can we expect reasonable environmental regulations based on sound science?

We must be active in Congressional campaigns if we want legislative decisions to reflect our needs.

Who decides which candidates receive ICSC PAC contributions?

The ICSC Committee on PAC Management, which represents a cross-section of ICSC members, is responsible for reviewing and selecting Congressional candidates for the PAC's support. ICSC PAC supports candidates who understand and share our views on the challenges and concerns our industry faces. ICSC PAC contributions serve as a constant reminder to lawmakers that our shopping center industry is both a politically aware and actively involved constituency in American politics.

What are the key features of ICSC PAC?

ICSC pays all administrative and solicitation costs for ICSC PAC. Therefore, every dollar you contribute is used to support candidates for federal office.

Contributions to ICSC PAC are completely voluntary. Federal law allows contributions up to the annual maximum of $5,000. Contributions to ICSC PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

Only personal and partnership checks are permitted. ICSC PAC is prohibited from accepting contributions from corporations, national banks, labor organizations, business entities with a contract with the federal government, and foreign nationals.