ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers


Education & Careers

Our changing industry requires the most up-to-date information and training that are available from the most experienced and notable leaders of the shopping center industry.

Responding to those needs, ICSC offers many new and some established programs for relatively little cost that will pay big dividends for you, your employer and your staff.

Our Education Advisory Committee, consisting of leaders in our industry, as well as our ICSC staff, helps ensure our programs meet our industry's needs.

Resolve now to invest in your company's most precious resources, human resources. Consider these opportunities for your own professional development as well as a way of supporting your most aggressive employees who care enough to become even better. We're here to help you.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Education Schools and Programs

eDistance Learning
ICSC offers a guided, independent self-study program in the concentrated area of management. Offered electronically in a user-friendly format.

Executive Learning Series
ICSC’s newest learning opportunity - monthly classes taught in New York City at ICSC’s new Lifelong Learning Center. Classes offered in nearly all major disciplines taught by today’s industry leaders in an intimate setting.

Additional Education Programs:
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