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Certified Retail Property Executives

The evolving nature of the industry including game-changers like plateauing of new development, capital flows, globalization of retail, socio-economic shifts and more have fundamentally changed what it means to be a successful industry executive. ICSC, introduced the Certified Retail Property Executive (CRX) credential in response to this critical paradigm shift.  ICSC awards the CRX credential to certify that industry professionals have mastered a comprehensive body of retailing and retail property knowledge related to the performance, profitability and executive leadership of industry organizations.  The CRX defines the responsibility, role and abilities of a professional engaging in retail property executive leadership positions including expertise in asset management, development, redevelopment, finance, accounting, leasing, revenue generation, retailing, marketing, communications, legal, compliance, property and facilities. In addition, it lays the groundwork to meet the growing business demands related to the retail real estate industry and emphasizes the importance of leadership skills and best practices.


CRX is a global mark of  professional achievement for those in the most senior positions while elevating professional standards and enhancing individual performance for the next generation of professional aspiring to lead.  The credential is geared towards current and aspiring retail real-estate executives who have a vested interest in the full scope of retailing and retail real estate.  The successful CRX candidate has a minimum of 8 years of qualifying industry experience, is dedicated to advancing professionalism and supports the highest industry standards worldwide.  We encourage qualified managers, directors, vice presidents, officers and allied professionals to apply.

  • Employment in a qualifying industry organization.
  • Eight (8) years of qualifying industry experience obtained within the last 15 years.
  • Commitment to upholding standards of professionalism and ethics.
  • Two (2) professional references who can attest to your integrity and business reputation.
  • Broad-based knowledge of global best practices in all types of retailing and retail property settings.

Body of Knowledge

The CRX is the only credential of its kind in commercial real estate, targeted to the retail sector executive and offering unparalleled affirmation that designees have mastered a comprehensive body of retailing and retail property knowledge. The composition of the CRX exam is guided by extensive industry research into the practical knowledge, skills and experience necessary for a retailing or retail real estate professional to excel in a senior level position. This methodical and comprehensive, global investigation into the content that should be assessed resulted in the identification of 109 essential competency areas reflecting global best practices. This content is organized into nine knowledge domains with proportions (weights) for each that ensure a valid, reliable and fair credentialing exam.

  • Domain 1. Ownership & Asset Management (15%)
  • Domain 2. Development & Redevelopment (15%)
  • Domain 3. Finance & Accounting (10%)
  • Domain 4. Leasing & Revenue Generation (10%)
  • Domain 5. Retailing (10%)
  • Domain 6. Marketing & Communications (10%)
  • Domain 7. Legal & Compliance (7%)
  • Domain 8. Property & Facilities Management (10%)
  • Domain 9. Executive Management (13%)