ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers

BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres)


BCSC embraces retail property in all shopping formats and all locations. As a valuable forum and acknowledged authority, BCSC represents and supports members from all aspects of the retail and retail property industry.

Offering an exceptional events programme, membership platform, comprehensive research and influential government policy; BCSC continues to drive and strengthen the retail property industry through various platforms and channels.

BCSC Activities:


BCSC represents and supports members from all aspects of the retail and retail property industry; continuously growing and expanding into new markets, BCSC’s member portfolio includes 2,600 individuals, both national and international; including shopping centre managers, developers, owners, financial advisors, technical consultants, architects, designers and retailers.

Events and Awards

By offering an unsurpassed programme of events and awards, BCSC creates exceptional networking opportunities, forums for debate, and learning and development opportunities within the sector.

BCSC holds a Conference & Exhibition that takes place annually. The event offers leasing and deal making opportunities, thought-provoking content and outstanding networking amongst professionals from all spectrums of the retail and retail property sector.

Influencing Government Policy

BCSC’s current policy and public affairs work is focused on improving communications with key political stakeholders in local and central government and influencing public policy around key government policy areas. With the future of UK town and city centres high on the agenda, BCSC continues to lead initiatives that ensure more prosperous retail places throughout the UK.

Research Programme

BCSC’s research programme reflects industry knowledge requirements in currently under-researched areas, including sustainability and community involvement, asset management and urban development.

Education and Professional Development

BCSC’s education programme offers study tours, seminars and student conferences; as well as a distance-learning Shopping Centre Management qualification - a ‘must have’ qualification for individuals involved in shopping centre management or the retail industry. As part of their programme, BCSC also offers sought-after executive education master classes and other educational schemes.

For more information, visit www.bcsc.org.uk, or contact:

Charter House
13-15 Carteret Street
Tel: +44 (0) 845 270 0775
Twitter: @BCSCretailprop
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