Paco Underhill Biography

Paco Underhill
Retail Anthropologist 
& Inventor of the Science of Shopping

Paco Underhill is the CEO and Founder of Envirosell, a behavioral research and
consulting firm with 10 offices globally. Paco and Envirosell’s work has been
featured in The New York Times, 20/20, National Public Radio, Smithsonian
Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and many other major news media. Paco is also
the author of What Women Want, which was published in soft cover edition by
Simon & Schuster in July 2011; Call of the Mall, a walking tour of the American
shopping mall; and Why We Buy, the bestselling book about retail in history. In
addition, Paco’s columns include regular features in trade publications
design:retail (formerly DDI), as well as Robin Report.

Paco and Envirosell have over 25 years studying shopping centers around the
world. With offices in Istanbul and across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we
watch the world shop. Paco’s presented for the ICSC around the world, including
at the ICSC 2013 Whistler Conference; ICSC Mexico City; ICSC Northern
California; and others.

Paco’s programs have been popular with Fortune 500 corporate groups, trade
associations and business schools around the world. His training programs have
been given at such schools as The Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife,
Brazil; IMD International Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland; IESE
Business School in Spain; Maastricht University in the Netherlands; Yale
University; Columbia University Business School; and many others. Paco is an
expert on global consumer trends. Today, he is known as the inventor of The
Science of Shopping.